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The reality is that modern shipping is an industrial operation comprising a complex web of logistics, thousands upon thousands of transactions, multi-million dollar deals, and billions of dollars' worth of cargo.






































Dynasties of the Sea

Lori Ann Larocco

Marine Money Inc., 2012 (First edition), pp. 290


The Asian Journal of Shipping and Logistics, Elsevier BV






A lot of publications and textbooks exist about the economics of the shipping business, which usually consist of microeconomics and the operational aspects of the field. On the other hand, there are few publications which deal entirely with shipping investments and shipping asset management. Such experiences and success stories are occasionally found in newspapers briefly. Dynasties of the Sea by Lori Ann Larocco fills an emerging gap in the literature and is a must-read for both newcomers and long-time executives in the industry. First, Dynasties explicitly presents the principles of shipping investment and discloses a kind of shipping intelligence for readers without the jargon of the scientific paper.  Second, this book presents them with experiences gained in the long term.


Lori Ann Larocco is a Senior Talent Producer on CNBC’s Squawk Box and she provides a fantastic opportunity to meet top managers and change-making business executives. This book is a collection of exclusive interviews with frontrunner investors and managers in the industry. Lori Ann Larocco presents diversified selections of interviews and this book addresses many different aspects of the industry.


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