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The reality is that modern shipping is an industrial operation comprising a complex web of logistics, thousands upon thousands of transactions, multi-million dollar deals, and billions of dollars' worth of cargo.






































The Shipping Man (A Novel)

Matthew McCleery

Marine Money Inc., 2013 (Second edition), pp. 308


Upcoming Book Review


The Asian Journal of Shipping and Logistics, Elsevier BV








In the last few decades, there is a growing interest on non-fiction business books, and thousands of new books are published each year. Among these books, two major themes are broadly established: Textbook style and story-teller style authorships. It is quite clear that story-telling has pioneered a new and prospering era in the business and economics literature. Although some historical books somewhat employed the story-telling instrument, the 21st century has given a particular platform for every professional and scholar to tell their knowledge in this manner which spreads through millions of people. The superiority of story-telling comes from our childhood senses and the mechanism of curiosity building. People tend to be more connected and snoopy through attention-grabbing stories. Therefore, the bestsellers of our time usually has a narrative content with experiences of both daily life and business. Readers are pulled into the house of author.


In addition to the narrative business writing, novels have found significant place by embedding stories and essential topics in business. The Shipping Man of Matthew McCleery introduces its character Robert Fairchild a New York based fund manager and tells a thrilling story of his first impression and experiences in the shipping business. A number of coincidences lead him to invest in the shipping business and after a short experience he moves to a managerial seat of a shipping company owned by a shipping tycoon.


Academic journals usually publish reviews for non-fiction books or textbooks etc. However, a novel is selected for this time based on its unique way of telling shipping matters through a narrative presentation. There is also an additional feature of The Shipping Man which is the contemporary content expressed through exclusively selected dialogue between characters. These dialogues draw attention to the behavioural economics of shipping business as well as popular topics in the modern economic perspectives. The book presents some fundamental concepts of ship investments with the erroneous human nature. From this perspective, it discloses the irrationality of rationality postulate as an essential basis of neo-classical economic interpretation.


The entire book review will be available online at ScienceDirect shortly.
















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